Friday, February 27, 2009

Speaking in front of Devil Dogs

Here is a boy

Standing in front of men
Who put it on the line
He's just taken up space
And taken up time

He stands for nothing
But BS and crap
He's not the kind you punch
He's the kind you slap

Real men of honor
Know who they are
They know by the sun
They know by the stars

Nobody gets a pass
In my book any more
Who hasn't in some way stood up
And stepped to the door

And nobody gets credit
Or gets a free ride
Off the backs of others
Who have taken strides

To go out on patrol
To protect their brothers back
Who have met head on
Ambushes and attacks

He looked like a boy
Standing in front of men
And all I know
Is he better not

Screw with them


But he already has
It's already done
And here we all are
At the beginning

Of the setting sun

We have to pass through the darkness
To get to the light
What color shirt do I have to wear this time
To do what's right

10:56 pm
transcribed this time
11:04 pm


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama and hating whitey

Obama and hating whitey

He thinks it gives him leverage
When others open their mouth
And play on the stereo type
Of the redneck from the South

Like we all own pick up trucks
With gun racks in the back
With shot guns at the ready
To perpetuate some racist attack

He thinks it makes him cool
He thinks he is the man
That can lead his people his people
To the promised land

He has no bad words to say
Against Reverend Wright
And Eric Holder is a leader
In the civil rights fight

Farrakhan is his friend
As well as every other pimp
He's a real live Socialist
And not a dupe a useful idiot or symp

He's into being smooth
He's into showing style
He and Michelle are proud of what they do
You can see it in their smiles

Michelle is the angry one
He just wants to be a star
We are a nation of cowards
And that's just the way we are

Obama and hating whitey

He thinks it gives him leverage
When others open their mouth
And play on the stereo type
Of the redneck from the South

Like we all own pick up trucks
With gun racks in the back
With shot guns at the ready
To protect ourselves from a riot or attack

But I guess that just goes to show
What happens when you close the door
Somehow you miss the news that
Some of us have moved up

To M4's

11:12 am
please note disclaimer
this is just the ramblin response
of another Crackah and I don't need
the secret service wasting their time at
my door even though I'm against abortion
and I thought the chimp cartoon was funny
transcribed this time
11:30 am


The N double A CP

Fuck the N double A CP

The National ASSociation of Communist Pricks
Should just shut the fuck up
Lying stinking opportunistic race card players
Couldn't be anymore corrupt

Fuck them twice for not addressing
The black gang disease infecting our nation
They could give a damn less as to what
Really screws up the situation

And that's their toleration of Rap
And ignorance and black on black crime
They're all a bunch of bitches just
Flat out stupid crazy out of their mind

They love that they have aids
More than any other race
It makes them even more a victim
And that's a plus in their place

Where victum translates into
The entitlement state of mind
This is all going to come to a head
And I say it's

About damn time

9:15 am
written in response to the latest statement of "outrage" by this outdated social club of morons
over the cartoon of the chimp getting shot as an analogy to the Socialist Porkulus Giant Crap Sandwich Bill.


Friday, February 20, 2009

To me.........

Afghanistand is just an OJT training camp
A live kill training drill
All we are doing is keeping the filth from
Developing a home base to hone skills

The mountains will always be the moutains
The plains will always be the plains
Alexander the Great knew this
You just play the keep it tamped down game

You patrol you fly you see you shoot
You work your intell you develop your sources
You keep your foot in the door
To determine what the world's course is

10:06 pm
transcribed this time
10:11 pm


Monday, February 16, 2009



Is an extension of Hugo Chavez
Is a reach inside our Nation
Is a collection center for Socialism
For every donation at a station

Citgo represents dictatorship
Citgo is corruption and crime
Citgo is here to steal from you
Your future your wealth and time

Hugo is a psycho
He just got his third term
He's a disgusting pig of a man
And a low life loud mouthed worm

Citgo sends its money back
To he who would make a deal
With Iran Russia and Cuba
Citgo's operations here are but

A liscence to steal

Citgo is the place to go
To donate to your own demise
To invest in a lose lose
Corruption propaganda and lies

2:47 pm

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Who the Hell do you think you are

Telling us we shouldn’t listen to Rush
Meanwhile you enable slaughtering the unborn
And then smugly come out and inform us
We’re the ones who rightly deserve to be scorned

Bipartisan means agreeing with you right
That about sums up your idea of debate
And if a journalist does dare ask a question
It’s almost like they’ve declared their hate

What was that

There’s no lobbyist in your administration
Oh unless you decide to make an exception
Is that like cheap political expediency
Or just out and out immoral deception

Have you gotten Al Qaeda’s notice of surrender
I mean since you decided Gitmo should close
Aren’t those the guys that would cut off
An Americans face just to spite his nose

Oh well maybe your meeting with Iran
Will bring peace and harmony to the world
I bet you could negotiate Wiping Israel off the map
To not meaning having to kill every Jewish boy and girl

How’s that doofus of a vice president
You’ve got yourself a real doozy there
Have you ever seen a more baffoonish buffoon
Or at least one filled with that much hot air

Could his timing be any more off
Isn’t he about as far as awkwardness goes
Man you gotta admit with what he’s said lately
He might as well have been publicly picking his nose

You appoint Tim Geitner to be head of the IRS
But it seems he’s failed to pay his own taxes
Is it that you're so sure everybody’s gonna bend over
You're just checkin to see what the max is

Now Daschle has made his mad dash
Rather than face utter humiliation and losing
It seems you’re vetting your dog more
Than the cabinet members you’ve been choosing

9:40 pm
written over several days
transcribed this time
9:42 pm
He's only been in office barely
two weeks and one can barely keep up
man this guy is in way way way
over his head