Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Who the Hell do you think you are

Telling us we shouldn’t listen to Rush
Meanwhile you enable slaughtering the unborn
And then smugly come out and inform us
We’re the ones who rightly deserve to be scorned

Bipartisan means agreeing with you right
That about sums up your idea of debate
And if a journalist does dare ask a question
It’s almost like they’ve declared their hate

What was that

There’s no lobbyist in your administration
Oh unless you decide to make an exception
Is that like cheap political expediency
Or just out and out immoral deception

Have you gotten Al Qaeda’s notice of surrender
I mean since you decided Gitmo should close
Aren’t those the guys that would cut off
An Americans face just to spite his nose

Oh well maybe your meeting with Iran
Will bring peace and harmony to the world
I bet you could negotiate Wiping Israel off the map
To not meaning having to kill every Jewish boy and girl

How’s that doofus of a vice president
You’ve got yourself a real doozy there
Have you ever seen a more baffoonish buffoon
Or at least one filled with that much hot air

Could his timing be any more off
Isn’t he about as far as awkwardness goes
Man you gotta admit with what he’s said lately
He might as well have been publicly picking his nose

You appoint Tim Geitner to be head of the IRS
But it seems he’s failed to pay his own taxes
Is it that you're so sure everybody’s gonna bend over
You're just checkin to see what the max is

Now Daschle has made his mad dash
Rather than face utter humiliation and losing
It seems you’re vetting your dog more
Than the cabinet members you’ve been choosing

9:40 pm
written over several days
transcribed this time
9:42 pm
He's only been in office barely
two weeks and one can barely keep up
man this guy is in way way way
over his head


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