Friday, February 27, 2009

Speaking in front of Devil Dogs

Here is a boy

Standing in front of men
Who put it on the line
He's just taken up space
And taken up time

He stands for nothing
But BS and crap
He's not the kind you punch
He's the kind you slap

Real men of honor
Know who they are
They know by the sun
They know by the stars

Nobody gets a pass
In my book any more
Who hasn't in some way stood up
And stepped to the door

And nobody gets credit
Or gets a free ride
Off the backs of others
Who have taken strides

To go out on patrol
To protect their brothers back
Who have met head on
Ambushes and attacks

He looked like a boy
Standing in front of men
And all I know
Is he better not

Screw with them


But he already has
It's already done
And here we all are
At the beginning

Of the setting sun

We have to pass through the darkness
To get to the light
What color shirt do I have to wear this time
To do what's right

10:56 pm
transcribed this time
11:04 pm


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