Sunday, February 22, 2009

The N double A CP

Fuck the N double A CP

The National ASSociation of Communist Pricks
Should just shut the fuck up
Lying stinking opportunistic race card players
Couldn't be anymore corrupt

Fuck them twice for not addressing
The black gang disease infecting our nation
They could give a damn less as to what
Really screws up the situation

And that's their toleration of Rap
And ignorance and black on black crime
They're all a bunch of bitches just
Flat out stupid crazy out of their mind

They love that they have aids
More than any other race
It makes them even more a victim
And that's a plus in their place

Where victum translates into
The entitlement state of mind
This is all going to come to a head
And I say it's

About damn time

9:15 am
written in response to the latest statement of "outrage" by this outdated social club of morons
over the cartoon of the chimp getting shot as an analogy to the Socialist Porkulus Giant Crap Sandwich Bill.


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