Monday, November 17, 2008

Never Ever Never

Barack ain't a natural anything

He's complete contrivance
He's nothing but image and shine
He's from the Chicago machine
And he ain't no pal of mine

All he is is public speaking
No substance only tone
He is the road to nowhere
But he's not at all alone

All the queers out screaming
They'd be Barry Boy's friends
That guy stomping on the cross
That would be what they intend

Lock stock and barrel
They want it all for free
They want all the power
And without any accountability

Obama wants to shut down Quantanamo
And bring all the terrorists here
He wants to give them all a civil trial
And for everybody to chill and have a beer

The new standard is about bein cool
National Security is easier to understand
If the only thing it takes to be safe
Is to run around shaking everybody's hand

Pizza will show up special delivery
Fist bumps are goin prime time
He may be somebody's hnic
But he ain't never ever never

Gonna be mine

8:19 pm
transcribed this time
9:22 pm


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Black Panther Voting Intimidation and the don't see nuthin fool

Yeah the tip of the iceberg is always
all there is....

And that black guy assaulting my friend
Is really not part of a larger gang
Not really part of a larger movement
That rob steal and harangue

Yeah no big deal about the graffiti
The looks coming out of passing cars
The predatory nature building up
And comin straight at who you are

Yeah I know you don't see it
There is no pattern here
There is not stupidity building
To create intimidation and fear

But some of us see it
And we're not backing down
Some of us don't care what
You don't see head spun around

You don't see the girls assaulted
Or the young men beat up in school
But they know which among us are
With them

And which are the don't see nuthin fools

9:59 pm
transcribed this time
10:05 pm


A Real American

Wants to drill here and now is the time
Wants all the Mexican Nationals to go home
Wants simple prayer to not be a crime

Real Americans are like that
They like their flag their country their home
Real Americans are willin to pull together
But often times have had to go it alone



Marriage is between a man and a woman
And English first is just common sense
Just like protecting our border and security
Isn't done by endlessly sitting the fence

Community organizing doesn't replace hard work
And neither does makin up excuses to steal
It's not all that difficult to get...that difficult to get
I mean if you're an

American For Real

started 11/11/2008
4:22 pm