Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hail to all Crusaders

Hail to all Crusaders

Welcome be to all
Come join us come join us
Down here in the Great Halls

We will be drinking
We will be carrying on
We will be thinking
Until the night greets the dawn

We will be dancing
Laughter and humor will reign
Come share with us your sagas
Share with us your names

We will offer you our food
And a fire to warm your bones
Feel free to join any one of us
Feel free to stand alone

We have room for the brave
We have blankets for the shoulders
That have carried their burdens far
Out there where the weather is colder

Hail to all crusaders

Your swords are welcome here
As well as your painted shields
We all join together for freedom
We all have sworn to never yield

We will bring forth sons and daughters
And they will be on our own homeland
We go forth to meet our enemies
It is there we make our stand

Hail to all crusaders

Know well your bretherens part
He fights out of honor and soul
We will never desert your warriors heart
We will back you strong and bold

12:11 am
transcribed this time
7:42 pm

Saturday, April 23, 2005

What do I want from them?

I want them to act like Americans

In their own country
I want them to work for freedom there
I want them to work to change things
To bring about a more equitable air

Amongst their own population
Amongst their own institutions
To bring justice to their own land
To write and live by their own constitutions

I want them to stand up
To educate themselves and take power
I want them to eradicate their own evil
Life is not all streams of dreams and flowers

I want them to act like Americans
When facing their own troubles and woes
I want them to draw together and find out
Who are their true friends and foes

To root out corruption at its core
To dig out the oppressors behind their walls
They have been built to keep fellow citizens out
Because they think they own it all

I want them to improve where they are
Freedom grows where you plant it's seed
Where you nuture it where you defend it
Where you honor it even if you have to bleed

I want them to make their own country good
And worthwhile to live in
Quit running away and coming to me with
Your hand out

It is not
Making me look at you as a friend...

5:14 pm

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Child Murderers and Molesters

What do we do about the
The child murderers
And molesters



Constant pressure on the judges and the prosecutors
On the legislature as well
No more excuses for dropping the ball
When one of these monsters puts a child through Hell

Swift certain and severe justice
Hanging them is my first call
After that it's a firing squad
For and all

Nothing less than life with no parole
And that means they never get out
But I'll always be pushin for the death penalty
For harming the young ones have no doubt

Complete social ostracization for those
Who around the edges want to him and haw
There is no rehabilitation for these creeps
There needs to be a simple hard and direct law

Any judge who fails to understand this
Needs to be put on a very public list
They need to know there are consequences
Because we are not going to put up with this

We are not
Going to put up with this

10:69 pm
transcribed this time
11:09 pm

Monday, April 18, 2005

Only whites can be racists



I take it

Anything other than groveling and constantly asking
Forgivness is conveniently racism in your book
And a excellent trump card to play whenever you
Want to put yourself above or beyond a second look

You know what your doing and even if not fully
Something in you senses something is wrong
Something in you is going to have to face one day
That there is more to this world than being

Temporally temporarily strong

One can not hide forever in a bee hive of collective thought
One is going to be viewed as to how they got things done
One can not stand behind mere lofty self proclamations
One must come out eventually and face the sun

3:42 am
transcribed this time
3:57 am