Thursday, April 21, 2005

Child Murderers and Molesters

What do we do about the
The child murderers
And molesters



Constant pressure on the judges and the prosecutors
On the legislature as well
No more excuses for dropping the ball
When one of these monsters puts a child through Hell

Swift certain and severe justice
Hanging them is my first call
After that it's a firing squad
For and all

Nothing less than life with no parole
And that means they never get out
But I'll always be pushin for the death penalty
For harming the young ones have no doubt

Complete social ostracization for those
Who around the edges want to him and haw
There is no rehabilitation for these creeps
There needs to be a simple hard and direct law

Any judge who fails to understand this
Needs to be put on a very public list
They need to know there are consequences
Because we are not going to put up with this

We are not
Going to put up with this

10:69 pm
transcribed this time
11:09 pm

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