Saturday, April 23, 2005

What do I want from them?

I want them to act like Americans

In their own country
I want them to work for freedom there
I want them to work to change things
To bring about a more equitable air

Amongst their own population
Amongst their own institutions
To bring justice to their own land
To write and live by their own constitutions

I want them to stand up
To educate themselves and take power
I want them to eradicate their own evil
Life is not all streams of dreams and flowers

I want them to act like Americans
When facing their own troubles and woes
I want them to draw together and find out
Who are their true friends and foes

To root out corruption at its core
To dig out the oppressors behind their walls
They have been built to keep fellow citizens out
Because they think they own it all

I want them to improve where they are
Freedom grows where you plant it's seed
Where you nuture it where you defend it
Where you honor it even if you have to bleed

I want them to make their own country good
And worthwhile to live in
Quit running away and coming to me with
Your hand out

It is not
Making me look at you as a friend...

5:14 pm

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