Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here's a clue

I've had enough nit wit pick from defeatist elitists
I've had enough of endless mindless circle talk
I've had enough of answering questions but when
It's the other sides turn to answer a few

It seems they take a walk

You can't bait me in anymore
I don't believe in the loyal opposition anymore
I don't like people too stupid to get it
It doesn't enchant me to dance with boring whores

Who are smug with their nose all bent out of shape
Self Righteous in their emotional screams
I'm not playin fall guy to their dellusional portrayl
Of themselves as the holy victims on the scene

I'm sick to death of whiney cry baby losers
I despise the Southern Poverty Law Center's hit squad
They only think they're lookin for justice
Till they find it happening to them right out in front

Of the open eyes of God

10:18 am
in response to the SPLC's publication of a "List"
of Americans it deems suspicious dangerous
and slanted because it doesn't agree with their extreme
leftist's view. Under the ObaNation administration they have been
exalted to their go to source. As a result the info and reports
spread around by SPLC end up in police reports and various bulletins
all over the US. The SPLC looks to have had a great deal to do
with the MIAC report.

transcribed this time
10:57 am


Friday, April 23, 2010

How Far

That's how far we've had to try
That's how hard we've had to work
Just to not get taken down
Wrongly convicted by these jerks

Have no false illusions
Make no mistake
Your freedom guns and property
Your very life they'll take

10:21 am
Border Guards finally let out of prison
LaCrosse team not hung out on the word of a whore

Haditha Marines found not guilty....

Army Col found not guilty of assault for firing over a
Jihadist's head to get info to keep his men safe

Seals found not guilty
transcribed this time
10:58 am


Battle Ground

Battleground Arizona
Like the truth and well being of America is any concern
of these Azatlan supporters.

Why have to face a corrupt Mexican Government
Why have to end the Drug Cartels
Why fight to make your own country free
When you can just do an illegal invasion

And make ours a living Hell

The only thing they respect
Is money guns and meth
And the only thing that'll stop them
Is sudden quick efficient violence

And death

9:54 am
transcribed this time
10:54 am


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Obama Zombies

Everything is equal
Everything is alright
There are no general characteristics
There is no social blight

How many blacks kill blacks
How many are on the dole
How many are in a gang
And make their neighborhoods

Rat holes

How many vote Dim
No matter what or who
Like Jesse and Al
Want them open to

Anything new

Who is Farrakhan
What is hope and change
What is an Obama Zombie
Except a perfect example of

The stupid and derranged

11:59 am
transcribed this time
12:21 pm


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Broken Arrow

I will call a Broken Arrow
If we get another McCain
I will not hold my nose and vote
For somebody lame and insane

I don't want a nice guy
I don't want to vote against
I want somebody to vote for
Not somebody straddiling a fence

I want a hard core conservative
I want them ready willing and able
I want somebody grounded and real
And ready to turn the table

On these idiot Marxist fools
On the sickening Socialist ploys
I don't like Rinos and moderates
And their mushy ways of being coy

I want taxes cut
I want the military strong
I want right to be called right
And a wrong to be called a wrong

No amnesty for illegals
I want them all thrown out
I'm sick race hustler hucksters
Blurring it all into doubt

No gay marriages for me
Nobody's gonna take my guns
I don't need compromise and lies
I don't like whored out scum


I will call a Broken Arrow
If we get another McCain
I will not hold my nose and vote
For somebody lame and insane

I don't want a nice guy
I don't want to vote against
I want somebody to vote fore
Not somebody straddiling a fence

9:40 am
transcribed this time
9:43 am


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jesse Jesse Jesse

Jesse Ventura
Goes Venturing off
Into la la land .... again

I don't care if he's weird
I don't care if he wears pink
I just don't believe he has the facts
When he tells us all what he thinks

And then spews out conspiracy theories
When he fumbles out his distortions
He bends facts and logic to extremes
And goes though way to0 many contortions

You may be all impressed by his so called bravado
He's just puffin up big to cover his confusion
He's not grounded in sound reality
He's way too subject to fanciful delusions

I'll give him credit for what he's done
He been in the Seals and can lift weights
But I don't think he completely came back
When he wandered off after somebody

Accidently left open a gate

11:35 am
transcribed this time
12:03 pm


Friday, April 09, 2010

She's a nice lady

Sure she is Tom
Her and all her gay friends
Her and all her consituents
Who like it in the Rear End

Sure she is Tom
Her and her Hell Care
Her and her fellow travelers
Redistributing as a way to share

Sure she is Tom
Tell the Marine recruiters that
Why don't you pull your head out
Why don't you get yourself some facts

It's not merely a different opinion
When she wants to take my guns
When screaming fags invade a church
And she says it was all in fun

Check out her economic policies
California is broke
Millions of stinking illegals
And she thinks it's all a joke

Enviro whackos stopped the water
The food supply is cut
If left wing crazy causes were sex
She's their favorite slut

Go for it Tom
Spoon in that steaming pile
But how again is one charmed
By a frozen face a frozen smile

She's an outright liar
A manipulator workin a ploy
You can have her I don't want her
I don't want to be

Anybody's political Nancy Boy

9:59 am
written in response to
Senior Senator Tom Coburn
Praising Pelosi and warning us
about Fox's journalism...
Not Chrissie Matthews not
Olberdink...or any of the lame
transcribed this time
10:08 am