Monday, December 27, 2010


Respect is earned

And Obama hasn't earned any
When it comes to combat teams
He knows nothing of their purpose
His head is full of socialist dreams

He's not qualified to lead
He's an embarrasement to me
He's the most dangerous threat
I've seen in my life time to being free

He's shallow and mean
He's selfish through and through
He's a puffed up tough boy
Pretending to have a clue

9:38 am
transcribed this time
6:15 pm


The Threat of Islam

The Threat of Islam is everywhere

It's in our prisons
It's in our streets
They are here to deliver
To us a defeat

They are coming on violent
They are coming on fast
They do not want
Western Civilization to last

They are in our schools
Willing to move slow
To change the basic essence
Of what our children know

Through political correctness
Through misapplied toleration
They are determined to
Bring down our nation

Islam wants and demands
That Sharia law be put in place
Their lawyers make moves
To steal our grace

Why are they let in
Why are there more and more
Who is that is pimping out America
As if she was some whore

10:32 am
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6:13 pm


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hard to Believe

That throat slitters and suicide bombers
Would conspire to take away free speech
It's alright for them to say anything
But the truth should be kept out of reach

Explosives in their underwear
Explosives in their shoes
Explosive in their SUV's
They're out to kill me and you

Shooting up Fort Hood
13 of our best died there
No sharia law for me
You might say I don't cair

We need more Muslims
Like we need the clap
Who the Hell keeps letting them in
Enough Enough Enough

With the crap

1:49 pm
social networking sites found
that muslims were conspiring to
flag posts and people who did not
adhere to their values and their likes
according to sharia law and their culture
note* not to just disagree or debate but
work to have said posts and sites eliminated
transcribed this time
2:35 pm


Our Military

Our Military deserves better
Our Military has earned their honor

I hate his ROE's
I hate his pro gay stance
And how he holds Hamas close
When doing his out-reach around dance

He is truly evil
He is an imitation man
And disguises it all behind
His blather being rather bland

He is the smiling betrayer
He is the slithering snake
He is a true believer deciver
And will do whatever it takes

To teach America her lessons
By taking her down a peg or two
There is no low he will not go
There is no befoulment he will not do

No matter the bravery or sacrifce
His dinigration will not stop
He reeks of the smell of arrogance
When he's dismissive of them

Or uses them for props

1:12 pm
transcribed this time
2:24 pm


Guess what they want to screw with now

Now they want to screw with
our internet

They just can't stand it
They just can't stand people being free
They just can't put up with people
Living their lives with liberty

They must control the conversations
They must control the exchange
They just want to know where you live
Where you work and your full name

They will of course want to use the ruse
That is is all being done in the name of fair
Fair of course as determined by them
Because they so deeply care

You can tell by how well they spend our money
You can tell by how they make our borders secure
You can trust them you can relax and rest easy
Because their motivations so far have been so pure

These people know no boundaries
When it comes to their desires and greed
They produce grow and build nothing
It is our effort off which they ravenously feed

They'll swear

They don't want to control your thoughts
Just who you can tell them to
Freedom of association is ok
But first just clear it through them

As to what you want to say and do

11:44 am
transcribed this time
11:47 am


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Janet Napolitano is a pig

Yes yes yes
Janet Napolitano is a pig

She is a degenerate who denigrates
She doesn't have a clue
That who she calls potential enemies
Is really just me and you

We're suspicious
Because we're white
Because our political leanings
Are to the right

We served in the military
And proudly I must say
She thinks all the illegals
Should be allowed to stay

And anyone opposing her view
Makes us all racists of course
She does not see our independence
As a national resource

Anyone personally responsible
Is definitely a threat
And about the TSA body searches
She doesn't have one regret

And all the while the border
Is left wide open as Hell
She's probably afraid
We're going to ring the Liberty Bell

If you believe in right to life
And the sacredness of the unborn
Then you're an extremist worthy
Of extra scrutiny and definitely scorn

She puts all of us at risk
She's crazy mean and a liar
She'll do whatever it takes
To throw our basic American values

On a funeral pyre

11:19 am
Crazy Janet wants the people
of walmart to report "suspicious"
activity to DHS...Department
of Homeland Security.

Oink Oink...what border problem
Oink Oink...what radical jihadist problem
Oink Oink...Isn't Obama great
Oink Oink...Isn't Eric Richard Holder divine


Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't....don't you dare

Don't offend the muslims

Don't be calling them muzzies
Don't be calling them names
Don't be calling them terrorists
Don't be saying they're insane

Don't put up Christmas banners
Allow more of them into your nation
Mohammad is the true savior
The source of all creation

You are the infidel
You are the scourge of the earth
You are satans pawns
And of little or no worth

Every day in every way
Give in a little more
Watch every word you say
Because they are keeping score

And you are the oppressor
You are what is wrong
Close your eyes and apologize
And quit singing those stupid

Christmas songs

9:00 am
transcribed this time
10:56 am
The Red Cross in Britian
actually complied....caved
into taking down Christmas
Banners cuz if might offend
the pwecious...muzslimes..
ahhhhh poor wusses...
That would make a helleva cartoon.
Cartoon???!! oh no...


Friday, December 03, 2010

I am against Obama

Because the sun rises in the morning
Because the sky sometimes pours down rain
Because of his stupid ROE's
And the resulting deaths and pain

I am against Obama

Because during the Summer it gets hot
Because during Winter it gets cold
Because he is absolute poison for my country
And is wreaking havoc on my Soul

I am against Obama

Because I eat eggs for breakfast
Because I eat chicken and rice for dinner
Because he is a loser to the core
And I believe what we need is a winner

Because I don't like what he does
Because I don't like what he has to say
Because from everything I've seen and read
He hates and is out to destroy

My beloved USA

11:26 am
transcribed this time
11:30 am