Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't....don't you dare

Don't offend the muslims

Don't be calling them muzzies
Don't be calling them names
Don't be calling them terrorists
Don't be saying they're insane

Don't put up Christmas banners
Allow more of them into your nation
Mohammad is the true savior
The source of all creation

You are the infidel
You are the scourge of the earth
You are satans pawns
And of little or no worth

Every day in every way
Give in a little more
Watch every word you say
Because they are keeping score

And you are the oppressor
You are what is wrong
Close your eyes and apologize
And quit singing those stupid

Christmas songs

9:00 am
transcribed this time
10:56 am
The Red Cross in Britian
actually complied....caved
into taking down Christmas
Banners cuz if might offend
the pwecious...muzslimes..
ahhhhh poor wusses...
That would make a helleva cartoon.
Cartoon???!! oh no...


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