Thursday, December 23, 2010

Guess what they want to screw with now

Now they want to screw with
our internet

They just can't stand it
They just can't stand people being free
They just can't put up with people
Living their lives with liberty

They must control the conversations
They must control the exchange
They just want to know where you live
Where you work and your full name

They will of course want to use the ruse
That is is all being done in the name of fair
Fair of course as determined by them
Because they so deeply care

You can tell by how well they spend our money
You can tell by how they make our borders secure
You can trust them you can relax and rest easy
Because their motivations so far have been so pure

These people know no boundaries
When it comes to their desires and greed
They produce grow and build nothing
It is our effort off which they ravenously feed

They'll swear

They don't want to control your thoughts
Just who you can tell them to
Freedom of association is ok
But first just clear it through them

As to what you want to say and do

11:44 am
transcribed this time
11:47 am


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