Saturday, December 18, 2010

Janet Napolitano is a pig

Yes yes yes
Janet Napolitano is a pig

She is a degenerate who denigrates
She doesn't have a clue
That who she calls potential enemies
Is really just me and you

We're suspicious
Because we're white
Because our political leanings
Are to the right

We served in the military
And proudly I must say
She thinks all the illegals
Should be allowed to stay

And anyone opposing her view
Makes us all racists of course
She does not see our independence
As a national resource

Anyone personally responsible
Is definitely a threat
And about the TSA body searches
She doesn't have one regret

And all the while the border
Is left wide open as Hell
She's probably afraid
We're going to ring the Liberty Bell

If you believe in right to life
And the sacredness of the unborn
Then you're an extremist worthy
Of extra scrutiny and definitely scorn

She puts all of us at risk
She's crazy mean and a liar
She'll do whatever it takes
To throw our basic American values

On a funeral pyre

11:19 am
Crazy Janet wants the people
of walmart to report "suspicious"
activity to DHS...Department
of Homeland Security.

Oink Oink...what border problem
Oink Oink...what radical jihadist problem
Oink Oink...Isn't Obama great
Oink Oink...Isn't Eric Richard Holder divine


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