Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bill Mahers the truth ....again

America is a stupid country

When you look through the eyes
Of Bill Maher and his soul compromise
He portends to offer intellectual wit
But really it’s a weakling’s disguise

He’s fast on his feet
But stays out of water deep
And having the deck stacked
Is how he manages to keep

The table from being overturned
And him ending up on the floor
With a derringer at his head
From Doc Holiday’s favorite whore

He needs a knife in his guts
To teach him a manner or two
He needs a gun butt to his face
For his mouthy mousy point of view

10:23 am
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Now you see it or Now you won't

Hitler Hitler Hitler
Nazi Nazi Nazi

No I'm not a racist
No I'm not an evil man
No I won't hold you back
From doing all you can

Here's a few quota's your direction
Here's a little affirmative action
Here comes a ton of so called tolerance
That only encourages your fractious faction

The Crips are not racists
Only the KKK
The Bloods are not racists
So just watch what you say

La Raza is not racist
Nor are the Latin Kings
So why don't you shut your mouth whitey
And quite sayin anything

If you want to talk about corruption
You better pick a man
That denigrates your own race
And stick with that weak kneed plan

We've got an Affirmative Action President
And now we're puffed up with pride
Obama himself is helpin his friend Gates
Get a free Race Master Baiting ride

So it’s Hitler Hitler Hitler
Nazi Nazi Nazi all the way
Now all of you stinking apologists
Get in line and help us get our way

8:49 pm
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9:11 pm


Violence and Violins

Violence and violins

Won't you sing a song for me
Won't you make it sweet and with a beat
That destroys our dreams and liberty

Let's include some race baiting
Let's include some government fraud
Let's destroy the capitalistic system
And wipe out any references to God

Come on all you people
Use all your hammers and nails
Let's bring down this arrogant nation
Let's do all we can to make it fail

Denigrate the police
Take away all the guns
Tax everybody's ass off
And all while havin fun

Flyin around the world
With snot nose daughters in tow
And one helleva a bitch of a wife
Who for the first time is proud you know

Now that they get the chance
To fuck it all up to the max
You just sit back with your feet in the air
It won't hurt much if you just relax

Don't be talking about stoppin us
Because nobody's sayin we lied
When we said access will be through us
But access is denied

1:02 pm
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Muslims meet at a Hilton in Illinois

Mudslime meeting at the Hilton in
Oaklawn Illinois declare they want a khalifah

Where do these guys live
On what streets do they drive their cars
What was it again they said about America
And what again is pushing it too far

Do they also get to spit in our face
Do they get discounts for their meetings
Are they laughing crying out snickering
And snearing Allah Akbar as their greeting

Are they absolutely guaranteed
A free and completely untroubled ride
Who is it that lets them get away with this
Who is it that says only they get to decide

Do these kind never have an accident
Do these kind never have their tires slashed
Coincidentally of course when they go out
And announce Americans should be trashed

Is every inch of their pathway covered by
A camera recording every step of the way
Is their any here among us who would say
It would be terribly disappointing if they really

Had a bad bad bad day

4:30 pm
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4:36 pm

Protesters Gather Outside Islamic Conference Near Chicago
Monday, July 20, 2009

July 19: Protesters gather outside a hotel in Oak Lawn, Ill., as an Islamic extremist group held its first official conference Sunday on U.S. soil.

Protesters gathered outside a Chicago-area hotel Sunday as an Islamic extremist group reportedly linked to Al Qaeda held a conference in an attempt to step up Western recruitment efforts.

Roughly 500 members of Hizb ut-Tahrir — a global Sunni network with reported ties to confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Al Qaeda in Iraq's onetime leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi — met inside a Hilton hotel in Oak Lawn, Ill., to host "The Fall of Capitalism and the Rise of Islam."


Friday, July 17, 2009

Should Israel take out Iran's Nukes


Maybe Iran will sneak a nuke into somebody's posession
Who can bring it to America and then Oba Mama can apologize
And then all the liberals can wring their hands and say
We all truly deserve this because of Bush's lies

We all deserve the shock wave and death
We all deserve the fall out of radiation
We all deserve this for being such an arrogant
And condescending non Euro Peein type nation

We all deserve this because we're the only
Country who had slavery in the world
We all deserve this because we don't mind our
Own business when rag heads stone to death girls

We all deserve this because.....
Global warming isn't a hustle and is real
And terrorists aren't terrorists anymore
We're just not sensitive enough in the

Way we feel

7:44 pm
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7:49 pm


Monday, July 13, 2009


LATINA goes before
Confirmation hearings

Wait till you don't get promoted
Wait till you get fired
Wait till you get less money
Or probably not even hired

Wait till more illegals come in
Wait till Spanish is the game
Wait till you see the hit list
And on it is your name

Wait till you go to prison
For false charges on a crime
Wait till you're being raped in your cell
And then maybe it'll cross your mind

What this bitch will do
Even if she doesn't know it yet
It's just what she is after this long
And she'll never have one regret

For being a Wise Latina
And being smarter than any white
Here comes the mud slide
To block out freedoms sight

The confirmation hearings
Will be a sham
There here to work their agenda
There here to perpetuate the scam

It's my turn no matter what
This is not about qualifications
This is about a vulture culture
Openly predating in our nation

9:02 am
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11:46 am


Saturday, July 11, 2009

How do we reduce the black prison population...

We empty out the prisons of blacks

And give them uniforms and AK's
And then we profusely apologize
For everything we did or say

I mean as long as your white
You tax everybody to the max
Justice is based on equal outcome
Not truth honesty and facts

You strip legal citizens
Of all their ammo and guns
Cause you don't want the bubba factor
To get in the way of what you want done

And that's change the country
Change it way down deep at it's core
You redistribute the wealth
It's time to fling wide open the doors

And let the people out
Who couldn't help but commit crime
They were just part of the struggle
Just doin the white man's time

That's how you reduce
The prison population of blacks
You just admit right out in the open
It's not their fault ever the deck was stacked

Rapists murders drug dealers thieves
These are all just silly labels put on by the man
They're all just prisoners of conscience
Doin the best they can

And give them money and cars
Give them absolute authority on the street
It's time they got a taste of power
For having to suffer at America's feet

Rise up and free the oppressed
Free the Holy Black Race
It's time to have to look right into
Their justly angry ragingly violent face



Isn't that what you mean to say
But you're just too stupid to write it out
Write it out wide in the open so everybody
Can see what you mean without a doubt

But of course you'll just criticize this
You'll nit pick it and accuse me of hate
Because you're the monster of ignorance
That dulls down all possible intelligent debate

Till there's nothing left to do
But kill the other side
But you're locked into denying that
So you'll hang onto your righteous pride

But judgment day is coming
You can hear it on the prophets lips
Whether you call it Armageddon
Or the Apocalypse

12:04 am
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Sonia muddying up the waters

Sonia muddying up the waters of
justice running clear and clean

She's a racist pig
She's the new female face
She's the new wise Latina
Here to muddy up the place

She's looking for an excuse
She's looking for the angle in
She's got that selective empathy
It's pay back time for the white men

She is what she is
She is the new face of repression
And the facists who support her
Are openly ignoring her confession

You can see it in her joking
You can see it in her ruling
She's lookin to ride right over
Those she can't be foolin

She's part of the La Raza movement
Part of the illegal alien invasion
She's here to judicially activate
And change the face of

The very nature of our nation

10:10 pm
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10:33 pm
this is a response written into
the revealing of her letting yet
another white man rot in jail for
an extra six years because of the
orientation of her "empathy".
read about it if you wish at: ... RTID=35527


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Twasn't nuthin strange about your daddy

And Tawana Brawley was pure as snow
The knee-grow Panthers aren't idiot slugs and thugs
And OJ was innocent as we all know

Obama isn't a socialist
And William Ayers is a real cool guy
Reverend Wright is a patriot
And Angela Davis can really fly

Tookie williams was a hero
An innovator in the hood
Jesse Jackson isn't a race hustler
And is most certainly misunderstood

Cynthia McKinney is a genius
Barbara Boxer is a whiz
And definitely respects the military
And knows what the definition of

Twasn't nuthin strange about your daddy

And Marian Barry never did crack
Rag Nagin is a completely competent mayor
And didn't get re-elected simply cuz he wuz black

Sonia Sodomy Mayor is a wise Latina
Which is what makes her always right
Especially in the matters of fire fighters
And of course over any man that is white

Frank Lucas was an entrepreneur
And never had a Chevy name Nellybelle
Never smuggled smack in the body bags
Of Viet Nam Veterans

And isn't currently residing in Hell

9:37 am
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