Saturday, July 25, 2009

Now you see it or Now you won't

Hitler Hitler Hitler
Nazi Nazi Nazi

No I'm not a racist
No I'm not an evil man
No I won't hold you back
From doing all you can

Here's a few quota's your direction
Here's a little affirmative action
Here comes a ton of so called tolerance
That only encourages your fractious faction

The Crips are not racists
Only the KKK
The Bloods are not racists
So just watch what you say

La Raza is not racist
Nor are the Latin Kings
So why don't you shut your mouth whitey
And quite sayin anything

If you want to talk about corruption
You better pick a man
That denigrates your own race
And stick with that weak kneed plan

We've got an Affirmative Action President
And now we're puffed up with pride
Obama himself is helpin his friend Gates
Get a free Race Master Baiting ride

So it’s Hitler Hitler Hitler
Nazi Nazi Nazi all the way
Now all of you stinking apologists
Get in line and help us get our way

8:49 pm
transcribed this time
9:11 pm


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