Monday, July 13, 2009


LATINA goes before
Confirmation hearings

Wait till you don't get promoted
Wait till you get fired
Wait till you get less money
Or probably not even hired

Wait till more illegals come in
Wait till Spanish is the game
Wait till you see the hit list
And on it is your name

Wait till you go to prison
For false charges on a crime
Wait till you're being raped in your cell
And then maybe it'll cross your mind

What this bitch will do
Even if she doesn't know it yet
It's just what she is after this long
And she'll never have one regret

For being a Wise Latina
And being smarter than any white
Here comes the mud slide
To block out freedoms sight

The confirmation hearings
Will be a sham
There here to work their agenda
There here to perpetuate the scam

It's my turn no matter what
This is not about qualifications
This is about a vulture culture
Openly predating in our nation

9:02 am
transcribed this time
11:46 am


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