Saturday, July 11, 2009

How do we reduce the black prison population...

We empty out the prisons of blacks

And give them uniforms and AK's
And then we profusely apologize
For everything we did or say

I mean as long as your white
You tax everybody to the max
Justice is based on equal outcome
Not truth honesty and facts

You strip legal citizens
Of all their ammo and guns
Cause you don't want the bubba factor
To get in the way of what you want done

And that's change the country
Change it way down deep at it's core
You redistribute the wealth
It's time to fling wide open the doors

And let the people out
Who couldn't help but commit crime
They were just part of the struggle
Just doin the white man's time

That's how you reduce
The prison population of blacks
You just admit right out in the open
It's not their fault ever the deck was stacked

Rapists murders drug dealers thieves
These are all just silly labels put on by the man
They're all just prisoners of conscience
Doin the best they can

And give them money and cars
Give them absolute authority on the street
It's time they got a taste of power
For having to suffer at America's feet

Rise up and free the oppressed
Free the Holy Black Race
It's time to have to look right into
Their justly angry ragingly violent face



Isn't that what you mean to say
But you're just too stupid to write it out
Write it out wide in the open so everybody
Can see what you mean without a doubt

But of course you'll just criticize this
You'll nit pick it and accuse me of hate
Because you're the monster of ignorance
That dulls down all possible intelligent debate

Till there's nothing left to do
But kill the other side
But you're locked into denying that
So you'll hang onto your righteous pride

But judgment day is coming
You can hear it on the prophets lips
Whether you call it Armageddon
Or the Apocalypse

12:04 am
transcribed this time
12:27 am


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