Saturday, July 25, 2009

Violence and Violins

Violence and violins

Won't you sing a song for me
Won't you make it sweet and with a beat
That destroys our dreams and liberty

Let's include some race baiting
Let's include some government fraud
Let's destroy the capitalistic system
And wipe out any references to God

Come on all you people
Use all your hammers and nails
Let's bring down this arrogant nation
Let's do all we can to make it fail

Denigrate the police
Take away all the guns
Tax everybody's ass off
And all while havin fun

Flyin around the world
With snot nose daughters in tow
And one helleva a bitch of a wife
Who for the first time is proud you know

Now that they get the chance
To fuck it all up to the max
You just sit back with your feet in the air
It won't hurt much if you just relax

Don't be talking about stoppin us
Because nobody's sayin we lied
When we said access will be through us
But access is denied

1:02 pm
transcribed this time
1:07 pm


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