Monday, February 25, 2008

Behold the Son

Behold the Son
Of his father
Behold the Son
Of his mama

Behold the bold
The black the beautiful

Barak Hussein Obama


He believes in change
He believes in hope this time
Brother have you got a nickle
Sister can you spare a dime

He believes in inspiration
He believes in the new
He believes in Farrakhan
And the new world view

His election campaign is pushin
Pushin for a better way
And that's why in their office
There hangs a poster of Che

Women feignt at his speeches
His words flow out like widsoms pearls
He will end all poverty
He can up lift all the good boys and girls

He stands by the Reverend Al Sharpstongue
Who's always been an honorable man
Who's always been for tolerance
Because together you know.. we can

He can defend America
With diplomacy as his rock
Hey when you're going up against crazies
You can never have enough talk

Yes He knows they've killed us
But maybe it is something we did
Maybe we are the Great Satan but
What from our true selves have we hid

He can save your houses
Even if you took out too big a loan
He can redistribute the wealth
We can all live in a big happy home

He loves all the people
Everyone has a right to be free
Even if they’re illegal Mexican Nationals
Sovereignty is just a technicality


Behold the Son
Of his father
Behold the Son
Of his mama

Behold the bold
The black the beautiful
Beyond any criticizm
Barak Hussein Obama

9:14 am
transcribed this time
9:59 am


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bow down before the Muslims

Bow down before the Muslims

Crawl and beg and plead
It's management again
Planting that rotten appeasement seed

Everybody just give in
Everybody live in fear
Of the crazy burkha psychos
If they happen to draw near

Be careful don't offend them
Don't jest or tell a joke
Or they will get their lawyers
And make you all go broke

Bow down before the Muslims

Sharia law will rule
Just ask that British Cardinal
That give in give up fool

But you know if you don't like freedom
Why don't you go back where you came from
Why don't you get the Hell out of our face
With your brow beaten women made dumb

You want to complain about America
You want to complain about our stores
While you honor kill your women because
Secretly they’re all wanton crazy whores

Take your sickness someplace else
Take it all straight back to the Middle East
Take it all back to your Seventh Century
Version of humping the dark and evil beast

7:38 pm
this is based on Walmarts decision to
go with an "apology" to a burkha covered
brain washed one when an employee joked
Don't rob me when he looked up and saw
her veiled presence.

We don't need sensitivity training
They need freedom awareness
or better yet just leave and take a Mexican
National Illegal with you.
transcribed this time
7:52 pm