Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beat Whitey Night

Once upon a time

Beat whitey night

Started off in it's usual way
With a couple of home boys
Gettin a chance to have their say

At a bunch of useless cracker mofo's
But soon enough that was not enough
And of course after centuries of oppression
They escalated into physical forms of tough

And started whoopin some azz
Man it felt good one of the participants said
I hear pretty soon it won't be no big deal
If'n we beat'm till they's dead

And all the homegirls laughed
And threw a few fists of their own
Hell the police took a few licks
But at least they kept a respectful tone

And the judges and politicians
Knew just what to do
They didn't want race relations
To deteriate into any hateful view

So they gave them a wrist slap
And a better not do it again
And Jackson and Sharpton stayed away
And promised to still be their friends

And the economy went to crap
And good people lived under the threat
If you don't like us beat'n yo azzz
You ain't seen nuthin yet

And everybody knew it was a crime
To fight back in any way
Except to vote and then after that
You had absolutely no say

Even if they lied to you
Even if you came under attack
Even if a loved one lay there bleeding
And your represenative stabbed you in the back

Your job was to go out there and produce
Your job was to just lower your head
Your job was to thank them humbly for water
And thrill you were allowed a crumb of crusted bread

9:46 pm
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7:14 pm
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One day provocation

One day provocation

Is going to get you killed
It will not be your leverage anymore
You will not be able to poor me hustle
And be the queen whore at the door

One day

The world is going to come down
In flames all around your head
And then you will see the price
We deem must be payed for our dead

Keep revealing your ugly selves
Your philosophy of arrogance and death
Keep pushing your cult of hate
We'll see who draws the last breath

This is not an argument
This is a struggle for power
This is us witnessing
A triumphal shout at our twin towers

There are crazies on the loose
There is evil at hand in our land
And they want all that is good
They have a very simple plan

Kill all the infidels
Bring out all their sons and daughters
They want to draw their knives
And subject us all to slaughter

Anyone who co-operates with them
Is selling out all our souls
They are 7th century abominations
Their words are only meant to take hold

Long enough to drag us down
To fog our minds to the real
Come the time of the sword
We must be one with our steel

10:58 am
transcribed this time
11:02 am
Mosque supporters clash and mock
our dead as they demean America
and meet others with another view


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Obama supports building a mosque at 9-11 site

Obama is a traitor

This is it
This is the final straw
My guts are churning
From what I just saw

I just witnessed evil
Make a proclamation
That it was going to destroy
This freedom loving nation

There is no waiting
This piece of filth has to go
His arrogance is only outweighed
By what he doesn't know

But he's beyond incompetant
Although definitely he is that
He never lets his words and actions
Be altered by little things like facts

He also does it deliberately
He's going for the heart and soul
He's paving the way for throat cutters
To step up and be more bold

He is in his nature
A leftist to the extreme
He sees a nightmare
Where the rest of us see a dream

He hates the USA
He's going to pay us all back
For the sins of his father
And for being born half black

But he's more than a mixed bag
Of coincidental conglomererations
He's the Head Narcissist In Chief
Of a lot of out right communist operations

This is what tyranny looks like
As it seeks to lock in its hold
The presenting face is all sincere
While underneath is nothing but

Contempt and cold


Here it is right before us
On this bright and new shining day
Some problems can't be stopped
But the problem maker

Can be made to go away

9:58 am
11:34 am


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

About the Boy Scouts

About the Boy Scouts
Booing the PResident

If anybody asks are you disrespecting the "office" of presidency..
Just answer,.................No.

I don't like the man personally
I think he's insane
I think he's a socialist and communist
With a locked in brain

Who can't hear America
Who doesn't understand the Boy Scouts
Who doesn't get the Marines
Or what any basic male is about

Screw his open border policy
And the mosque in New York city
That he hasn't said a word about
He deserves no mercy or pity

He thinks the private sector
Is here to serve government rule
All he's got is a community organizer's
Accent on Rap Crap Ghetto drool

Iran is in acendence
North Korea is hot and in motion
Meanwhile Obama is on the view
Serving up worship me emotions

He needs to resign
He needs to get out now
Nobody needs what he's pimpim
Not ever No way No how

10:13 am
transcribed this time
10:21 am