Wednesday, August 11, 2010

About the Boy Scouts

About the Boy Scouts
Booing the PResident

If anybody asks are you disrespecting the "office" of presidency..
Just answer,.................No.

I don't like the man personally
I think he's insane
I think he's a socialist and communist
With a locked in brain

Who can't hear America
Who doesn't understand the Boy Scouts
Who doesn't get the Marines
Or what any basic male is about

Screw his open border policy
And the mosque in New York city
That he hasn't said a word about
He deserves no mercy or pity

He thinks the private sector
Is here to serve government rule
All he's got is a community organizer's
Accent on Rap Crap Ghetto drool

Iran is in acendence
North Korea is hot and in motion
Meanwhile Obama is on the view
Serving up worship me emotions

He needs to resign
He needs to get out now
Nobody needs what he's pimpim
Not ever No way No how

10:13 am
transcribed this time
10:21 am


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