Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One day provocation

One day provocation

Is going to get you killed
It will not be your leverage anymore
You will not be able to poor me hustle
And be the queen whore at the door

One day

The world is going to come down
In flames all around your head
And then you will see the price
We deem must be payed for our dead

Keep revealing your ugly selves
Your philosophy of arrogance and death
Keep pushing your cult of hate
We'll see who draws the last breath

This is not an argument
This is a struggle for power
This is us witnessing
A triumphal shout at our twin towers

There are crazies on the loose
There is evil at hand in our land
And they want all that is good
They have a very simple plan

Kill all the infidels
Bring out all their sons and daughters
They want to draw their knives
And subject us all to slaughter

Anyone who co-operates with them
Is selling out all our souls
They are 7th century abominations
Their words are only meant to take hold

Long enough to drag us down
To fog our minds to the real
Come the time of the sword
We must be one with our steel

10:58 am
transcribed this time
11:02 am
Mosque supporters clash and mock
our dead as they demean America
and meet others with another view



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