Monday, April 17, 2006

It's in my blood and ink

I have written about the unborn
I am proud to own my guns
I care about the security of my country
And want to see it properly done

I want a fence on the border
I want the illegal aliens out
I have complete disdain for Murtha
And his hen pecking doubt

If you’re talking to some terrorist
The NSA should tap your phone
And if you argue anything else
You haven’t a mind or back bone

So I’m not the party of surrender
I’m not the party of self destruct
I live by my values and it shows
In my everyday decisions and conduct

The official language ought to be English
Talk what you want on your own time
You want something translated try reaching
In your pocket for your own damn dime

I’m conservative to the core
It’s in my blood and ink
And I take personal responsibility
For my actions and own up

For the way I think

5:41 pm
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1:39 pm


It's you allright

You're what's wrong with my country
You're what's wrong with the world
Just what we need is another boy toy
Who throws just like a girl

You don't know what you're talking about
You don't know what you're saying
You're just standing there in the wind like
Some ass that likes to hear themselves braying

Nobody's going to listen to you
Because there's no way you'd ever fight
All you want to do is empty conversate
And repeat what you think makes you right

But you don't even know the basics
You don't care about who's killing who
You just want to open mouth criticize
Whomever would be safest for you

Go live amongst the Palestinians
Why don't you try that one on for style
Or you could just stand there shovlin
From out of that self created steaming

Stinking pile

7:57 pm
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10:57 am


Thursday, April 13, 2006

I am not your friend

I'm not your friend

You don't have any friends
Only people who think like you do
And if you waver in the slightest
You know exactly what they'll do

Oh they talk about freedom
But you wouldn't stand a chance
If you don't follow the party line
And dance every step to their dance

Of Infirmative action
Of America's always wrong
And the only way the world will love us
Is for us not to be so strong

And you don't know what fake is
Or you wouldn't open your mouth like that
And spill out all your trauma drama
Without any relevant back up facts

You're just a hit and run
You're just a short quick flame
Who tries to rough puff up all big
But you are basically ... tame

You're a nice guy right
Because you don't have any other choice
It would take a certain kind of strength
For you to find your real voice

And you may or may not
More than likely probably not
Because there's just a whole lot of
Encouragement now-a-days

To remain a smart assed snot

7:04 pm
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11:10 am


Simply put

I have done my best to honor my mother
I have done my best to show my sister I care
I have done my best to show women respect
But man bashing and baiting does nothing

To stir my chivilrous air

8:34 pm
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11:05 am