Monday, April 17, 2006

It's in my blood and ink

I have written about the unborn
I am proud to own my guns
I care about the security of my country
And want to see it properly done

I want a fence on the border
I want the illegal aliens out
I have complete disdain for Murtha
And his hen pecking doubt

If you’re talking to some terrorist
The NSA should tap your phone
And if you argue anything else
You haven’t a mind or back bone

So I’m not the party of surrender
I’m not the party of self destruct
I live by my values and it shows
In my everyday decisions and conduct

The official language ought to be English
Talk what you want on your own time
You want something translated try reaching
In your pocket for your own damn dime

I’m conservative to the core
It’s in my blood and ink
And I take personal responsibility
For my actions and own up

For the way I think

5:41 pm
transcribed this time
1:39 pm


1 comment:

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