Thursday, May 04, 2006

As To the 20th Hi-Jackers Sentencing

The "we" that I am a part of did not lose........
It is not the sentence that any true patriot
Of this country would choose

I say

Others in the conspiracy of willfully dangerous stupidity
Have revealed their position..
But I am not bound by their ignorant chants and rants
Nor intimidated by their threatening inquisition


I am not part of the weak
I think Moussaoui should die
I approve of his life being taken
In the blink of an eye

I approve of illegals being rounded up
And being shot if they resist
I think La Raza is the butt of the problem
And the Brown Berets are the cysts

Mary O McCarthy is a traitor
Who ought to be taken out and hung
I think the Durham Douche-bag
Is nothing but lying Dung

But the La Crosse players are idiots
For bringing a stripper in
For setting themselves up in a situation
That they could never win

Cynthia McKinney needs to go to jail
But the press won't hound her on this
Because they're afraid they won't be
Cool...if a black panther raises his fist

I think

Iran needs bunker buster nukes
Rammed up their facilities ass
Because I am not part of the weak
And ammunition is cheaper than gas

7:44 am
transcribed this time
7:52 am


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Anonymous said...

You are rockin' and rollin' now!