Saturday, May 20, 2006


Iran away from common decency
Iran away from sanity
Iran toward my annihilation
Iran toward my vanity

Iran away from the good life
And chose cheap power instead
Iran toward pychotic despotism
And away from using the brain in my head

Iran away from civilized progress
From education and learning new ways
Iran toward the darkness of demons
Toward the crushing of hope for

A brand new day


Iran from leading my people
Into the new millinium of light
Iran away from the truth
Covered my ears and shut my eyes

Real tight

Iran toward the sword
The justice of cold steel rain
Iran away from goodness and mercy
To worship death and pain

9:16 pm
transcribed this time
1:21 pm
with Mahmud AHMADI-NEJAD,
Ansar-e Hizballah, and more than a
few of the mad mad mullahs in mind
No nukes for you
No wiping anybody off the map
No 40,000 suicide bomber threats
No more soft responses to your crap

Turn toward civilization
Turn away from lies
Turn around and live

Turn around or die


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