Friday, May 12, 2006

How much do they want to take

They want to take
Till there's nothing left

Like it's all about a conversation
Like nobody actually lives or dies
Like good men don't fight the fights
And crybabies don't cry cry cry

It's all about tricky words
It's all about the soft attack
Some just can't do a face to face
Without coming around your back

It's all about kissing the right butt
When the penalties start coming down
But me I'd rather go down swingin
Then be some kind of a suck up clown

Some people lie and distort
Some people morally equivocate
Till they see that hammer raised
Raised upon high by the hand of fate

I keep seeing the etiquette of manners
I keep hearing the arbiters of style
Espousing it’s not important what you say
As long as you do it with a smile

And continuing on

With their no plans for America
Except to negotiate freedom away
Like their incessant braying and nagging
Will keep persistent malignant evil at bay

9:22 pm
transcribed this time
10:14 am

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