Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Stinking Peace At Any Cost Freaks


The rotten compromising politicians are the
Source of any stench relating to Viet Nam
Comparisons as well as the present day goings on
Struggles for the salvation of civilization

Just like now........

With the press and their endless
Carping and harping on casualties

Like they care
Like they give a damn at all
Like they want anything but praise
From their buddies down the hall

In their journalistic palaces
Or in the Hotel bar
Or on their flights to nowhere
Or driving in their rented cars

Screw their pen and paper
Their narcissistic glory
Their dreams of Pulitizer Putz Prizes
For the Breaking Story

They don't know what sacrifice is
They don't know what courage can do
They don't know what battles are
Or what any of the troops go through

They have no vision for this nation
Or know what freedom means
Except they get to do what they want
They alone get to paint the scene

With their own colors that run
With their own gutless words
With their one flag's the same as another
And the Eagle is just another bird

All they are are manicured freaks
Empty dresses blow dryed hair and suits
Who have absolutely no soul connection
For those who carry the ruk sacks

For those
Who wear the boots

8:26 am
transcribed this time
10:29 pm


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