Sunday, July 23, 2006

What's your idea of politics

What's your idea of politics

Give away your right to own a gun
Surrender sovereignty to the UN
Open the borders wide wide open
And let every undocumented idiot in

Worshiping at the shrine of no mind
Run by the holy sacred cows of NOW
Rationalizing that Gay Boy Scout Leaders
Would be a good idea someway somehow

What is your idea of politics

That there haven't been enough abortions
That rap isn't totally and completely crap
And that English shouldn't be America's language
And nobody should try in the least to adapt

What is your idea of politics
Socialism forever and ever and ever
And Fat disgusting drunk Ted Kennedy’s
Spewings are actually kind of clever

11:29 am
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Friday, July 21, 2006

Self Rightious Peace Twits

Self Rightious Peace Twits
Never do get it right
That every now and then
There has to be a winner in a fight

In a fight for survival a fight
To not be slowly bled to death
A fight for their children to be
Able to draw their next breath

Cease Fire advocates pretend
Their hearts can win the day
When one side vows annihilation
And keeps seeking it in all ways

Sooner or later a people have to
Face their enemy down
Sooner or later it's not the bombing
But you have to choose which towns

Self Rightious Peace twits
Like to let the enemy get strong
While they huff puff up all big
And think they're never wrong

Meanwhile the kidnappings happen
And the rockets keep streaming in
Oh but don't use disproportianate force
Don't do what it takes to contend


They want to give the enemy
Time to reload and reorganize
Like that's not choosing sides
And at best seeing it through

Ignorant Naive eyes

And at worse propagandizing
For the enemy's chosen vow
That they will wipe the defenders
Off the world map somehow

8:49 am
10:52 am
on the latest involving
Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas.
Yeah well, I just might use a 357 magnum
in a disproportianately forceful way if someone
broke into my house with a tire iron.
Too bad Hassan Nasrallah missed his appointment
to room with Zarcarwi for the rest of eternity.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

Even though the Supreme Court thinks we ought to
Give all the terrorists million dollar civil trials
Even though the New York Slime reveals
Money tracking operations with an idiot smile

Happy 4th of July

Because there are young men still in the field
Still getting dirty dusty and hot beyond belief
Still putting on their gear facing their fear
And going out to possibly suffer sudden grief

Happy 4th of July

Because this is my country and not some illegals
Because this is my country and not some crybaby’s
Because this is my country and it’s worth fighting for
And that doesn’t come with some hedge my bets maybe

Happy 4th of July

Because I can remember the good that has gone before
Because I can still see the beauty of my homeland
Because when push comes to shove on what I love
I can and will take a meaningful hard line hard core stand

Because I can still celebrate the morning sun coming up
Because I still have room in my heart for friends
Because I still see and hear the real deal heart and intelligence
Of those in my larger family my fellow United States citizens

11:07 am
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