Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hard to Believe

That throat slitters and suicide bombers
Would conspire to take away free speech
It's alright for them to say anything
But the truth should be kept out of reach

Explosives in their underwear
Explosives in their shoes
Explosive in their SUV's
They're out to kill me and you

Shooting up Fort Hood
13 of our best died there
No sharia law for me
You might say I don't cair

We need more Muslims
Like we need the clap
Who the Hell keeps letting them in
Enough Enough Enough

With the crap

1:49 pm
social networking sites found
that muslims were conspiring to
flag posts and people who did not
adhere to their values and their likes
according to sharia law and their culture
note* not to just disagree or debate but
work to have said posts and sites eliminated
transcribed this time
2:35 pm


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