Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here's a clue

I've had enough nit wit pick from defeatist elitists
I've had enough of endless mindless circle talk
I've had enough of answering questions but when
It's the other sides turn to answer a few

It seems they take a walk

You can't bait me in anymore
I don't believe in the loyal opposition anymore
I don't like people too stupid to get it
It doesn't enchant me to dance with boring whores

Who are smug with their nose all bent out of shape
Self Righteous in their emotional screams
I'm not playin fall guy to their dellusional portrayl
Of themselves as the holy victims on the scene

I'm sick to death of whiney cry baby losers
I despise the Southern Poverty Law Center's hit squad
They only think they're lookin for justice
Till they find it happening to them right out in front

Of the open eyes of God

10:18 am
in response to the SPLC's publication of a "List"
of Americans it deems suspicious dangerous
and slanted because it doesn't agree with their extreme
leftist's view. Under the ObaNation administration they have been
exalted to their go to source. As a result the info and reports
spread around by SPLC end up in police reports and various bulletins
all over the US. The SPLC looks to have had a great deal to do
with the MIAC report.

transcribed this time
10:57 am


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