Thursday, May 06, 2010

Apparently the agenduhhhhh is....

Piss off the hetero-sexuals

Piss off the vets
Piss off the bikers
Bring out the nets

The commander in Thief
Is running rampant over rights
Of anyone who is American
Of anyone willing to fight

For our sacred sovereignty
For our heeding freedom's call
For our heritage and history
Of standing and giving it all

This do nothing administration
Wants to make its claims
When it all comes down to sheer luck
Times Square didn't go up in flames

Demented and incompetent
Insistent on two faced double talk
But anyone questioning anything
Gets ridiculed demeaned and mocked

The miners were doing their job
Working to bring energy to our homes
They deserve our utmost respect
And if you can't muster that

How about just leaving them alone

2:05 pm
Obama Tells Patriot Guard Get Lost

Tue, Apr 27, 2010

There was a memorial service two days ago in Beckley, West Virginia for the 29 coal miners who died at the nearby Upper Big Branch mine April 5th.

Twenty-eight hundred people attended the service. Most of them were there to pay their respects and console the grieving. At least a couple of them were there to make symbolic, political appearances.

Many of the working class men who died were veterans and some of them rode motorcycles. A source has told this page that “Families of the miners killed in the explosion…had requested the Patriot Guard Riders attend.” The Patriot Guard Riders is an informal club of veteran motorcyclists which exists to make sure that all veterans are given respectful funerals. And, they were banned from this service by federal officials because those officials believe the Patriot Guard is a security threat.

Cleared With Governor

The appearance of the Patriot Guard at the service, at the request of at least several families, was cleared by West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin. Travis Mollohan, a senior aide to the Governor worked with the Patriot Riders to arrange a staging location.

The day before the service, Joe Cumblidge, the West Virginia State Captain of the Patriot Guards emailed the men who were scheduled to participate: “Due to circumstances totally and completely beyond the control of the Patriot Guard Riders and Governor Joe Manchin of West Virginia, we are regrettably ordering a STAND DOWN for this mission. Specific details will not be posted here but, we’ve been told we are not welcome to participate because of certain high-level dignitaries that are scheduled to be in attendance.”


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