Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's play

Let's play

All religions are the same
Everybody's a little insane
Everybody except me
Cause I'm smart enough to play

The moral equivolency game


Hamas-icide is necessary
To insure that hatred survives
It's necessary to suicide bomb
In order to stay alive

Pick a side
You gotta do bad to do good
Kill the army soldiers because
They were all from the wrong Ft hood

Wear underwear bombs on Christmas
Because Christ was a jerk anyways
Mohammed was the cool one
Pedophillia was no big deal in those days

How dare South Park Joke
About the true and sacred one
They need an explosion just outside
To return to some 7th century fun

Anwar Al Awlaki is an Imam
That can make his followers
Swoon and faint

He really a guy to die for
He's no psuedo saint

9:50 am
it's too close to call
it's so hard to know
provided that you're brain washed
completely...head to toe
transcribed this time
10:30 am


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