Friday, April 09, 2010

She's a nice lady

Sure she is Tom
Her and all her gay friends
Her and all her consituents
Who like it in the Rear End

Sure she is Tom
Her and her Hell Care
Her and her fellow travelers
Redistributing as a way to share

Sure she is Tom
Tell the Marine recruiters that
Why don't you pull your head out
Why don't you get yourself some facts

It's not merely a different opinion
When she wants to take my guns
When screaming fags invade a church
And she says it was all in fun

Check out her economic policies
California is broke
Millions of stinking illegals
And she thinks it's all a joke

Enviro whackos stopped the water
The food supply is cut
If left wing crazy causes were sex
She's their favorite slut

Go for it Tom
Spoon in that steaming pile
But how again is one charmed
By a frozen face a frozen smile

She's an outright liar
A manipulator workin a ploy
You can have her I don't want her
I don't want to be

Anybody's political Nancy Boy

9:59 am
written in response to
Senior Senator Tom Coburn
Praising Pelosi and warning us
about Fox's journalism...
Not Chrissie Matthews not
Olberdink...or any of the lame
transcribed this time
10:08 am


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