Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hail to all Crusaders

Hail to all Crusaders

Welcome be to all
Come join us come join us
Down here in the Great Halls

We will be drinking
We will be carrying on
We will be thinking
Until the night greets the dawn

We will be dancing
Laughter and humor will reign
Come share with us your sagas
Share with us your names

We will offer you our food
And a fire to warm your bones
Feel free to join any one of us
Feel free to stand alone

We have room for the brave
We have blankets for the shoulders
That have carried their burdens far
Out there where the weather is colder

Hail to all crusaders

Your swords are welcome here
As well as your painted shields
We all join together for freedom
We all have sworn to never yield

We will bring forth sons and daughters
And they will be on our own homeland
We go forth to meet our enemies
It is there we make our stand

Hail to all crusaders

Know well your bretherens part
He fights out of honor and soul
We will never desert your warriors heart
We will back you strong and bold

12:11 am
transcribed this time
7:42 pm

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