Monday, February 16, 2009



Is an extension of Hugo Chavez
Is a reach inside our Nation
Is a collection center for Socialism
For every donation at a station

Citgo represents dictatorship
Citgo is corruption and crime
Citgo is here to steal from you
Your future your wealth and time

Hugo is a psycho
He just got his third term
He's a disgusting pig of a man
And a low life loud mouthed worm

Citgo sends its money back
To he who would make a deal
With Iran Russia and Cuba
Citgo's operations here are but

A liscence to steal

Citgo is the place to go
To donate to your own demise
To invest in a lose lose
Corruption propaganda and lies

2:47 pm


Anonymous said...

Crimony, Neils....! If you'd quit pullin' yer punches, we'd all know how ya feel! Hell, I remember a time when the slimeballs in Mancke Park got yer meanin' while they wuz bouncin' on their wallets; 'course, that's when you wuz still bullet-proof.


neilsthepoet said...

Manic..........yyy Park

There was a Helleva run

5:46 pm