Friday, March 13, 2009

Once upon a time

Once upon a time
Long long ago

In vigilante land

Some people got their tires ice picked
Some people got paint thrown on their cars
The nit wit pickers looked near
The pencil necked geeks look far

But they never could find out
Who was doing this vandalism and harm
They really got upset when a mysterious
Dark dressed figure broke somebody's arm

One dark and forlorn night
When the moon was black as death
But nobody ever said nuthin
Not even an utterance under the breath

Some people don't learn nuthin
They think it all a game
The only way they ever change
Is the age ol primal way of

Pain screaming in their shut down brains

7:34 pm
written in response to
a dog soldier bein spit on
note of disclaimer
This here poetry thingy is but
to express feelings and I dang sure
wouldn't be advocatin breakin no laws
or nuthin.
transcribed this time
7:42 pm


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