Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The second by second American Revolution

There is no spill over of violence from Mexico
And if there is it's probably our fault
Mexico needs American money because
The Mexican army doesn't have enough balls

To take it out of the drug dealers vaults

All Hail Barak Hussein Obama
The new leader is wonderful and great
Be careful of making any youtube videos
You wouldn't want to be accused of hate

When are those damned lazy wounded soldiers
Going to get off their butts and pay
For their valuable health care because we have
Better people who deserve to have it come their way

We're going to borrow our way out of a recession
We're going to spend our way out of debt
This is one lying sick slick magic socialist negroe
Who doesn't have one ounce of regret

For wanting to change America
Into an image of his own
And you get to pay for the bail out
And for every idiot dead beat's home

Suck it up kids it's going to get much worse
Turn in your guns at the corner mall
And make sure you don't hold back
He wants ammo magazines he wants it all

Enforcement of immigration law
Has been declared unpatriotic to the core
The illegals are our friends even though
San Fran Nan does act like a drug cartel whore

So shut the Hell up with your criticism
Your spewing out of utter nonsense
The next thing you know you’ll be asking
Why again aren’t we building THE FENCE

9:51 pm
transcribed this time
10:07 pm


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