Thursday, April 09, 2009

Medieval versus Evil or How the cowboys not only had to re-win the Old West but take back all of Western Civilization

Sure My Lady
We The People

We're supposed to hand over our heritage
Our feelings and beliefs
We're supposed to express ourselves
By hanging our heads in impotent grief

Just like with the Stinking Illegal Alien Invasion
Just like with the reducing of military spending
Just like with the head long dive into Socialism
With the endless reckless spending

Just like with paying for abortions overseas
And the taking out of the medical conscious clause
Just like with the Black Caucus going down to Cuba and giving
The murdering slug thug Castro Bro's a bunch of applause

We're supposed to sit back and take it
We're supposed to pay for it all
While Muslim Boy bows at the waist
To the Saudi King and answers their calls

To say America is arrogant and dismissive
It's to them he will apologize
For the rest of us we get a screw job
And more transnationalism Acorn and lies

So what if Korea launches a rocket
And missile defense gets cut
And China is harassing one of our ships
It's we who have our heads up our butts

Like that race hustling pimp Sharpton going
After Sheriff Arpaio for protecting our homeland
We should all just lay down and die
Noboby but nobody should ever take a stand

Now the Somali Pirates hijacked US citizens
While they were flying the American flag
To him it's just another piece of cloth
Another to be burned spit on disrespected rag

Hugo Chavez is visiting Iran
While they're building nuclear bombs
Meanwhile he's setting up a civilian defense force
To make sure we all stay calm

Yes My Lady the judges get the last say
At least according to the God Damn America fans
What to do what to do with rustlers and thieves
In the days of old when we the people were bold

We pointed to The Brand

With a rope in our hand

8:35 am
transcribed this time
8:53 am


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