Saturday, April 11, 2009

Street Gangs

We the people
Are the only ones left to deal with

The violence and the thuggery
The graffiti and intimidation
They are here to steal it all from us
They are here to ruin this nation

One person One business
One street One neighborhood at a time
You can see them a mile away
Unless of course you are willfully blind

They're wearing stupid pants
They're wearing their tattoos
They're wearing their commitment
To put an end to you

They are organized and moving
They have money and are armed
They are protectors of the hood
They are proud of their harm

The police will not stop them
The courts will let them go
The small amount of raids
Are mainly for the show

Politicians love them
Especially the browns and blacks
They are coming like a landslide
They are on the rise and attack

Figure it out yourself
Figure out the risk
It really doesn't help
To sit around going tsk tsk tsk

You have to operate alone
You have to move and not get caught
I may go down hard
But it will not be because I have not fought

10:09 am
disclaimer note
of not intending violence
even though I think Sharpton and Acorn
are part of the political wing of the violent
overthrow of our heritage


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