Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Young men combat reasons and feelings

Somebody tell me a story

I did it for the GTO's
I did it for the blondes
I did it for rock and roll
I did it for the brotherly bond

I did it for the chocolate malts
And the slow dances where I held her tight
I did it for the blue jean jackets
And those times I howled into the night

I know there are the bigger issues
But sometimes those simple things
Lifted up my heart
And let my spirit find its wings

To places where's there was bar b que
To back yards where there was beer
To places where there was laughter
And friendly voices I could hear

Sometimes it was those memories
That kept me driving on
That were as much of a light to me
As the sun coming up at dawn

But mainly we had each other
And the training we went through
Plus all that crazy on the job training
To focus our attitude and view

I can still see them now

And how we all shared
The silence heart aches and tears
And it always feels the same
Some time knows no minutes

Hours or years


Yeah I hear ya

Somebody tell me a story
Somebody tell me a joke
Tell me how you got to the beach
Even though you were broke

Tell me how that girl saw you
And walked right up to you
And smiled like heaven's mysteries
Was whispering low

Her sweet and secret clues


Yeah I hear ya
Somebody tell me a story....

8:51 pm
transcribed this time
3:19 pm

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