Monday, June 13, 2005

Health Care Suggestions for Deanie's weenies and others

How to regain that left of center balance
When you’ve been thrown off by facts
Reason logic junk and stuff like that


Rent a Michael Moore Exercise video
And calm down

And / or

Buy Michael Jackson new book coming out
How to start a real day care program that dares to care
Never mind he dangles children out the window
And he's such a sick freak people stop and stare

You could look to him as the new Pied Piper
And send your children to him to sleep in his bed
And you and all his worshipful fans could say
Yes Michael yes Michael like that's not completely

Out of one's head

Or...get a couple of motivational tapes made expressly
To teach you how to be a Deanie weinie and proud
To learn to stand anywhere at anytime and blurt out
Insanities and inanities in front of any crowd

The world of opportunities is calling all its losers
And Sean Penn Head is answering the best he can
He's pretending he's a journalist now hoping
If he pretends hard enough one day he'll be a real man

You could run right out and sign up with Schultz
And his Amnesty International anti gulag stand
Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote a book about the real one
But is Gulag Archipelago necessary to understand

How about the ACLU they're doing a bang up job
They’ve still got that Queer eye for the Boy Scout guy
Thing going maybe you could do some deep social
Work there you know give it the ol Berkley college try

I hope these suggestion cheer you up and take you
Back to your natural morally superior rightful place
Just follow the true examples you have above and
You will find yourself in the position your deserve to be in

Relative to grace

11:57 pm


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