Saturday, March 05, 2005

There is a war on the Home Front

There is a war on the Home Front

There is a war on the Home Front
And it time that we wake up
Before we are destroyed from within
By the morally depraved and corrupt


There’s a war on the Home Front
And it’s happening everyday
It’s in the radical Muslim movement
And their working their evil ways

They teach the hating of America
In universities is the thing to learn
They shout down conservative speakers
It’s time to get seriously concerned

The monster is on our home land
And it wants the infidels dead
They are working the vulture culture
Pouring that poison into our youths heads

They have their Holy Land Charities
And other ways of gathering funds
They’ll absolutely stop at nothing
The United States must be undone


They will shoot up the malls
They will blow up our trains
Whatever strikes the deepest terror
Whatever brings the most pain

Some are looking for chemicals
Some the Biological tools
They twist and bend the rules
Anything to take down the fools

That they’ve been taught to despise
To attack destroy and demean
The only thing they build on
Is to tear down this country’s dream

It’s in the Mosques that stay silent
That serve as the way inside
They use the left wing press’s agenda
They know they’ll get a free ride

They are recruiting in our prisons
Gaining access to the criminal kind
They are planting the seeds of fervor
In their desperate and dangerous minds


They join up with the communists
That openly advocate so called Peace
They drag their feet at closing borders
They don’t want the illegal flood to cease

It is a movement and mind unto itself
It’s in the publicly funded fake art
It’s here to demoralize and tear down
Every decent value in our hearts

But we had better wake the Hell up
Because it’s coming like a storm
Like a beast that wants to get loose
And see the innocent ripped and torn

They love that we must not profile
According to the sensitivity training
The only time they’ll cheer harder
Is when the body parts are raining

From the blackened sky
Through the spiraling smoke and flame
And they promise not to kill us
If we don’t openly call their name


There’s a war on our Home Front
And they believe their mad mullah’s curse
They are looking for the next attack
And oh how they want it to be worse

Oh so much worse

10:40 pm
transcribed this time
10:59 pm

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