Thursday, March 17, 2005

To the want to be killers of Terri

Oh this is all so tiring

Can't we just kill her
Can't we just starve her to death
Can't we all just stand around
Waiting for her last exhaled breath

All these details bother me
All this stuff is wearing
Can't you see not giving her any water
Is the real way to show you're caring

This is all just so irritating
The Hell with her Mom and Dad
They'll get over it
They only think it's bad

That's because they're idiots
Selfish small people with smaller minds
This is all just so bothersome
This is all such a waste of time

I say extrodinary medical effort
Includes giving moisture and food
And if you don't agree you must
Be in some mentally disorded mood

Give me the execution order
I'll sign it with my pen
Dipped in the blood of the innocent
Kill her kill her kill her

And you would if you
Really loved her and were her friend

8:10 pm
transcribed this time
10:59 pm

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