Sunday, March 27, 2005

Abusers Punks Thugs and....


Abusers Punks Thugs
And Socio-Paths

All abusers minimize
All abusers try to explain away
All bullies live by the sly lie
And enjoy ruining another’s day

All punks look for the easy target
All thugs enjoy the intimidation
All socio paths feel nothing for those
Whom they single out for victimzation

Empty are all the manipulators
Silenced are their aching screaming souls
For they are locked into the modern world
And have forgotten the ways of old

A reckoning is coming
The storm clouds are drawing near
And when final judgment comes
We'll see who quakes in fear

All facilitators of the machine
Dismiss what is ground down
When they forget about the humanity
It takes to makes it a worthwhile go round

All speakers for the insane executioners
Love to appear rational and calm
They tenderly rub gloved hands together
And lovingly apply their lye soaked balm

Hypocrites always blame it on you
Always can obliquely take another tact
They've always got another source
Some other way at looking at facts

Because life is all in the head
It never bleeds out of a mouth or eyes
It never has its face sink deeper in
All abusers have a nice guy disguise

4:29 pm
transcribed this time
4:45 pm

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