Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Life Death..........and the enablers feelings

Life Death
And the enablers … feelings

I think we should kill our own troops
That is exactly what we should do
Now everybody talk to me politely

I just have a different opinion than you

I think we should be able to kill the unborn
That is exactly what we should do
Now everybody talk to me politely

I just have a different opinion than you

Maybe we should kill your child
Or wife brother sister or you
See we're just intellectually disagreeing
Just having differing points of view

How about I'm not calling anyone names
I'm describing the idiots jerks and dolts
Because that's what certain writing does
It gives a good hard hitting jolt

Because stupid people hide behind nice
And their fancy smancy little dance
Of pretentiousness toward intellectualization
To faze off powerful passions chance

Of getting through brick thick heads
Of bustin'm down to their knees
Yeah everybody's all reasonable
About killing this innocent

But don't hurt the enablers feelings...please

10:00 am
transcribed this time
11:02 pm

Written in the context of a discussion
About Terri's life and death situation
But for some it was all about details
Rather than the sacredness of a living creation

They made it all about the rules
They made it all about being right
So in the end rather than see they just
Shut the door on my particular light

But I'll live by my will and fire
Because this isn't about me
It's about a state sanctioned murder
And the hollow men of transparency

That let it go on before them
Talking in circles or ducking their heads
Hoping it would all go by
Rather than saving her life instead

Mumbling out things like
I want her to live but
Like it's all about their feelings
And that's why I gave them

A kick in the guts

And of course they took it out of context
Because that's what people like that do
I think it's a cold blooded horror story
Because certain people don't listen

To what simple human decency says is true

11:32 pm

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Anonymous said...

well, you cant fix stupid, they will never listen....its all about getting that next vote....perish the thought someone in office actually having some backbone and standing up for principals and here to fight with every drop of your blood....and its a sacrafice im willing to make..maby we should start with the lawyers and work our way up Dick Chaney had the right idea....kilroy