Thursday, March 31, 2005

Champion of the World....but

I engage the way I engage....with passion.

I do battle.
But I'll tell you what calling BS on me...

I never claimed to be champion of the world.....but finagled certain people with behind the scenes moves,

So they couldn't get in the public arena ring with me..

One on One
Or my last stand
I didn't pull my punches
And I fought like a man

I didn't run
I didn't hide
I did it for love and soul
Not false pride

I think abortion is murder
I back our fighting men
I believe in principals
And not every now and then

I'm pro second amendment
I'm for free speech
Everybody loses when one persons
Rights are out of reach

I want lower taxes
I'm a hetero sexual man
I don't make excuses
And do the best I can

I'm against illegal immigration
I think that's going to get worse
And I think it's a crying damn
Shame they put Terri in a hearse

I think it was state sanctioned
Murder that's what it was about
I think it's judicial tyranny
Without a doubt

I'm not pro-killing
Except in self defense
And I don't apologize
If I come across intense

12:35 am

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Anonymous said...

ditto. my man ,same here...and there seems to be getting fewer and fewer of us....i will make sure my son is raised with these values...he will stand up for what is right ....because I will teach him what it means to be a true american......kilroy