Monday, March 28, 2005

Charms for her bracelet

Charms for her bracelet

I'm all for going inside a small adobe
Church and getting down on my knees
And waiting meekly while the hordes ride
Down to kill us all

At least I would have been humble
At least I wouldn't have made a mistake
I wouldn't have made it some passion play
About one poor girl getting a fair shake


And oh yeah I'll be crying or

Explaining to everyone else
Don't resist Don't resist
It'll only upset them more
Please contain yourselves I insist

And when the doors splinter open
I'll stand at the Altar of eternal time
Shouting even as they slaughter everyone
Restraint is mine and devine

Restraint is mine and devine

Even when they start torturing
I'll say in my oh so most holy way
Forgive them my children forgive them
Somebody will do something about it

Some day

There will be bodies all around me
Limbs and guts and torsos and gore
But I will be left standing
Because I knew just what to implore

And it will have been worth it
Because I beseeched caution at every turn
Of course I'll have to leave and wander
Because I'm pretty sure the Church

Would also be burned

But look for me on the open road
And welcome me with open arms
For I will come to you as your friend
And I will have many well practiced

Verbal charms

3:42 pm
transcribed this time
4:07 pm


Anonymous said...

religion, funny more people have been murdered in the name of some stupid religion than any other reason...God only helps those who help themselves ,people are brainwashed to think that god will help if they have faith... well god is god and he dont owe me a thing. buy good quality firearms and keep them in good working order, so when those who wish to do you harm come you way you can blow them away and they become gods problem. he can figure out what to do with the lowlifes.....kilroy

neilsthepoet said...


You're a hoot!!

No wonder you've been around
for a long time...
Love the way you peek over a fence


8:35 am