Sunday, March 13, 2005

For Chris

Cowboy up

There's a hard riding bronc buster
Now up in the sky
Who preferred the bust your butt truth
Over the easy lie

Who built his own ranch
And sang his own songs
Who sweated his own sweat
And owned up to his wrongs

He is and was
An influence to others
And any busted up ridge line rider
Knew enough to call him brother

Yeah anybody

Who's put in some tough hours
But had some fun along the way
Loved to hear him sing
Loved to hear him play

He was here when he was here
And now he's gone really gone
But I'd swear I hear him sayin

Cowboy up
Carry on Carry on

But I think I have to take some time here
And stand quietly without much of a plan
I got my head bowed down
I got my hat in my hand

11:41 pm
On the passing of Chris LeDoux
transcribed this time
11:29 pm

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