Saturday, March 26, 2005

Look not

Look not upon this passage of time

As moments when thoughts were exchanged
But when a murder became sanctioned
A death by starvation that some claimed

To give no pain

This is where the river passed
And people by their position taken
Chose which side they were on
And those for death swore no one

Was betrayed or forsaken

But the truth was in the wind
In the stars that shown at night
Was in the rain that gently fell
From eyes witnessing such a tragic sight

There was a self justifying blindness
That wanted it to be differing points of view
Wanted it to be respectably discussing
But there is a truth that will alway be true


There is such a time as eternity
There is such a place as grace
And those who steal all of anothers tommorows
Must know their decision is etched upon their face

And will not leave till they leave
And to their maker do go
Then when they are asked for whom
Did you grieve we will see then

What they know

And which side of the river they stood on
Not which of seasons passing reasons they used
It will be what they did or did not do
When a vunerable one was being abused

8:18 pm
transcribed this time
8:26 pm

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